Friday, October 26, 2012

Detox Day 1 - Y2012Q4

It's been more than half a year since my last detox. I have been eating mostly clean/healthy since then. In May, I cut out beef and pork from my diet. My no-mammal "fin and feathers" diet has been going pretty well. Occasionally, I'd mistakenly order a dish with meat. Yes, I did order it by mistake, like not knowing there is bacon in the pinto beans at Chipotle. And of course I ate it! I am not that much of a purest.

My detox this time is 14 days.

14-day cleanse - $12.99
This go-around, I am taking the Whole Foods Complete Body Cleanse supplements and keeping to a fruits, veggies, legumes, and nuts diet. I am also taking a multi-vitamin. I may add quinoa to my diet but have not decided yet. For now, I'll plan on not eating it but if I must, I will. But absolutely no dairy, eggs, meat, fish, bread, rice, or butter/oil. Well, except if there is a trace of oil in a pre-made dish, I'll still eat it, for those moments when I cannot have my own cooked meals.

Check out my Body Cleanse page for a complete list of acceptable foods and recipes.

Breakfast: Banana, popcorn thin slice "rice" cake, sriracha veggie chips
Lunch: Lentil soup, mixed veggies
Dinner: Split pea soup, chopped salad
Snack: Popcorn, apple, 18 Rabbits granola bar

Green peas, corn meal, safflower oil, srirachi seasoning

Corn, sesame, sea salt

Oats, coconut, maple syrup, almonds, straus butter, sunflower oil, honey, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, tapioca syrup, dates, raisins

Cabbage, zucchini, squash, brussels sprouts
Lentil soup
Split pea soup
Baby kale, black bean, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, radish

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