Thursday, February 16, 2012

Detox Day 6 - Y2012Q1

Yesterday, I recalled the nostalgic memories of my childhood birthday cakes. The crunchies in the middle were my favorite part of the Carvel cake. At the office today, the company had cake from Cold Stone Creamery for the CFO's birthday. It was a peanut butter chocolate ice cream cake, one of my favorites from Cold Stone. The cake looked delicious but it was no Carvel. I felt obliged to have a slice since everyone else was having one and some, two. I had a slight desire for a piece; however, I didn't take one. I withstand the urge and drank my Naked blue machine juice instead.

More of that childhood memory - for holidays and birthdays, cake was homemade with flour, eggs, and sugar, plain with no icing. Having store-bought cake was a very special occasion. I didn't realize at the time, but my parents had to save for a cake from Carvel. I didn't get holiday gifts or birthday gifts. I got red envelopes with "lucky money" to buy candy and toys. The amount inside was not really enough to buy any real toys. All the Atari and Sega video games, and barbie dolls that I played with, and bikes that I rode on were my friends. But growing up in Brooklyn, with Coney Island only a few blocks away and having the beach a walk from the house, the amount in the envelope was enough to get a few bags of chips on the boardwalk.

I really miss how the beach was accessible at any given time. Maybe that is where I got my purpose to succeed - the drive to work hard, to get a decent education, to earn enough to afford a house by the beach at retirement - to relive how the sun shined on me and the sound of rolling waves that made it all better.

Breakfast: soy protein shake
Lunch: vegetable curry, mixed green salad, sauted vegetables
Dinner: potato corn chowder, kim chi, guacamole, steamed vegetables, yu choi
Snack: banana, grapefruit

Potato corn chowder: potatoes, corn, green & red peppers, onions
Guacamole: avocado, tomatoes, onions, garlic, lemon juice
Yu Choi*
Steamed vegetables: broccoli, zucchini, carrots, garlic
*Yu Choi Brassica rapa - Yu Choy is grown mainly for the young leaves and flowering stalks. For centuries it was grown for the oil in its well-developed seeds which were used in cooking and lamps.


  1. The crunchies were my favorite part too! I had a friend that had the same birthday as me and her parents would always get us a Carvel cake for our joint birthday party.

    Also, I miss the beach. I loved walking along the boardwalk, the smell of the salt, the sunshine, etc. It's such a different area now...

  2. I came across a picture of us at the beach way back then. I need to find it and scan it! You were sooooo cute in your blue bathing suit... and I was skinny. :)