Sunday, February 12, 2012

Detox Day 2 - Y2012Q1

I was not hungry when I got up so I skipped breakfast. JD and I decided to get more vegetables a couple of hours later. We had lunch and then headed out to Trader Joe's. We were starting to get hungry by the time we were in the check-out line. When we arrived at Han Ah Reum, we were starving. I was so starved, I was slightly shaking. And the smell of food from the food court did not help. We shopped hungry and ended up buying too much. The fridge is now over packed with vegetables. Note to self: must eat breakfast and have a snack handy!

Let me tell you, vegetables do not fill me up. I had an insatiable appetite despite all the vegetables I threw down. Then, I noticed Yukon gold potatoes on the list of allowed foods. Potatoes will fill me up, I thought. So curry it was for dinner. I ate so much curry, I couldn't take another bite. Three hours later, I'm hungry again but I don't feel like eating. I'm sure I'll cave in before the night is over.

Breakfast: see lunch
Lunch: fruit salad, Naked green machine
Dinner: potato curry, jicama salad, avocado salad, steamed mustard greens
Snack: roasted seaweed

Fruit salad: pineapple, apple, blueberry, orange

Avocado salad: avocado, cucumber, tomato, lemon juice
Jicama salad: jicama, cucumber, onions, garlic, lemon juice
Potato curry: Yukon gold potato, turnip, onion, carrot, garlic
Steamed mustard greens
Roasted seaweed


  1. I can't live on just vegetables either. =(

  2. I have been juicing for the past couple of weeks. It's great. I don't feel so hungry like during my detox. But I am also eating bread and legumes, which is more filling than vegetables alone.