Monday, February 13, 2012

Detox Day 3 - Y2012Q1

I kept thinking about food today.

On my commute to work this morning, I thought about the wings I had last Wednesday at the Laughing Man. They weren't the best wings but it was $0.35 wings night. They were decent wings for the price. Great, I thought, now I have buffalo wings on my mind. I always do. I can live on buffalo wings. I can eat buffalo wings every day. If I were stranded, I would want an endless supply of buffalo wings.

We get lunch catered from the Corner Bakery for our team meeting every Monday. I love their mozzarella and tomato sandwich. I grab one of those every Monday. Today, I paid no attention to the delicious looking food calling my name. It was saying, "Nagi, break your diet." I tried so hard to not think about the crunchy potato chips, the sandwiches, and the soup. My peers were crunching away, and appears to be indulging more than usually. There were moon pies too! I was quietly pleading for the munching to stop, the little bit of self-control I had was dwindling away. Then, the meeting was over.

I head to my client's office, with the thought of cheese steak and fries I had at Jeno's last Thursday. It was so vivid, I could taste it. The next challenge was walking through the food court at the agency. There was a smell of fried fish, which I usually liked but it wasn't appealing though today. You know, similar to that unappealing odor on your hands after eating the cheeseburger, but that smell was pleasant prior to have eaten. Then there it was when I got to the office, the scent of buffalo wings. Someone was eating buffalo wings! Another moment of self-restraint. Luckily, I was scheduled to test connectivity to the cloud with help desk in the training room. I grabbed my belongings, so I won't return to face my demon, and hightailed out of there.

On the way to the gym after work, I thought about food again. Does this get any easier? How do people live on a vegan diet? Tomorrow is pizza night. How will I refrain from pizza? Then, there are the subsequent nights - Wednesday Pasta, Thursday Taco, and Friday Sushi. The temptations!

Breakfast: soy protein shake
Lunch: mix green salad (jicama salad, grape tomatoes, red onions, broccoli), chamomile tea
Dinner: Kim Chi, Kale and Potato soup, asparagus, steamed mustard greens, Naked blue machine
Snack: apple sauce, grapefruit, celery & carrot sticks, roasted seaweed

Kale and potato soup: kale, Yukon gold potatoes, broccoli, celery, onions, asparagus, tomato sauce, garlic

Radish Kim Chi, Kim Chi, Cucumber Kim Chi



  1. i'm slowly prepping myself for a cleanse/detox. we should trade recipes! i've got some started on my blog as well!

  2. Oh man, I would be starving too...

  3. May - The Kitchari recipe looks yum. I'll have to make that after my diet.
    Goose - After I eat all the vegetables I can stomach, I feel full but still hungry. I want to eat more but not more vegetables.

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  5. If you ever want to visit, there's a great wings place that I can introduce you to. =)

  6. I would love to visit, but no wings. I am on a veggie diet. I still eat fish, eggs, and dairy though. We can, uh, have tofu? :)