Saturday, February 11, 2012

Detox Day 1 - Y2012Q1

We went to Panera Bread this morning for brunch. This was before I decided to start the body cleanse detox diet tonight. I was going to start my diet tomorrow but decided to start this evening since JD made a dinner reservation for next Saturday in celebration of Valentine's Day. I wanted the option to have a juicy steak for my Valentine dinner, if I feel so inclined. :)

Breakfast: see lunch
Lunch: Panera Pick Two: Mediterranean veggie sandwich & Chicken Cob salad, and a cup of Baked Potato soup
Dinner: carrot juice, veggie soup, and tofu soup
Snack: apple sauce, orange, baked sweet potato

Carrot Juice
Soon Doo Boo Ji Gae  Soup: tofu, celery, tomato, zucchini
Vegetable Soup: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery


  1. I love bottled carrot juice, but I think it's mostly just high sugar! Let me know if u find a really great bottled juice. I've been mixing "Naked" "Blue Machine" (it's more of a bottled smoothie?) with blueberry kefir. But "Blue Machine" has crap like apple juice in it. Oh have u tried Bolthouse Farms' cappucino protein drink? It's so yummy, I chug one of those large bottles in a couple of hours.

  2. The Bolthouse carrot juice had 14g of sugar, which is pretty low compared to the other juices. I also bought bottles of Naked Blue Machine and Green Machine. Those have a lot more sugar, like 24g. Fruit naturally are high in sugar anyway, a medium apple has 16g of sugar in it. Fruit juices are a bit higher but that's where I'll get my energy. I am so hungry! I'm about to head to Trader Joe's to see if they have Just Cranberry juice (no sugar or other fruit juice added). I know Whole Foods have it but I don't want to make an extra trip.

    I'm caffeine sensitive so I don't usually get caffeinated specialty drinks. I do drink a half-caff (1/2 decaf and regular coffee ) with cream and sugar when I'm very tired.

  3. Oh today I was at Whole Foods again so I picked up a jug of Odwalla "Blueberry B", it still does have all those fruit juices mixed in but at least the FIRST ingredient isn't apple juice. But it's WAAAAYYY thinner, like totally liquid.