Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stevia Conversion

Packet to Packet Conversions
In general terms, most packet sweeteners are equal to each other or to two teaspoons of sugar. Check on the box to verify. 

Stevia Blends
Acesulfame K
1 packet
1 packet
1 packet
1 packet
1 packet
1 packet

Bulk Conversions
Granulated Artificial Sweeteners
Stevia Blends (Packets)
Stevia Blends (Bulk)
Clear Stevia Liquid
Pure Steviosides
2 tsp.2 tsp.1 packet1/2 tsp.1/4 tsp.1/16 tsp.
1/4 cup1/4 cup6 packets3 tsp.1/2 tsp.3/8 tsp.
1/3 cup1/3 cup8 packets4 tsp.3/4 tsp.1/2 tsp.
1/2 cup1/2 cup12 packets6 tsp.1 1/4 tsp.3/4 tsp.
3/4 cup3/4 cup18 packets9 tsp.1 3/4 tsp.1 tsp.
1 cup1 cup24 packets12 tsp.2 1/2 tsp.1 1/2 tsp.
2 cups2 cups48 packets24 tsp.5 1/4 tsp.3 tsp.

Note: This chart compares 4 types of packaged stevia (stevia blends in packets and in some other form such as a jar or shaker) with artificial sweeteners that have been bulked up to equal sugar volume for volume. 

Note 2: To avoid a bitter taste: Although stevia sweetening strengths vary from one brand to another, when you use a brand high in steviosides, you can achieve a sweeter taste without bitterness. This chart is based on using an extract with over 90% steviosides and a minimum of 30% rebaudiosde A. Consequently, when using a pure stevioside with less then the stated requirements, reduce the amount of stevia listed on the chart above by about 30% - the final product will not be as sweet, but you'll avoid the bitter taste.

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